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Global Investing​

Whether it is a thriving pharma company in Toronto, an electric powerhouse in New York, or a tech startup in Bangalore–nothing misses our radar!​


We constantly monitor your advised portfolio and rebalance it if needed as per the change in the market conditions.​

Dedicated Support​

We understand that you might need assistance in your investing journey from time to time. That is why we combine our cutting-edge AI technology with extra-ordinary support from our relationship managers.​

  • Clients from Countries​ 33+
  • Assets Under Advisory ₹ 3500+ Cr
  • Users 2,50,000+

Advanced Process
Automation & Research Technology

APART AI automates research to increase investment performance.

Savart’s recommendation and research activities are driven by its AI-based system called APART (Advanced Process Automation & Research Technology). APART automates not just advice but also the underlying research, making it unique among peers. A traditional Robo-advisor automates the ‘advisory process’ using a set of rules input directly or indirectly by a human analyst. On the contrary, APART controls the end-to-end process with its three sub-systems Know More .

Don’t let the market volatility get to you​

Stay stress-free in your investment journey​​

Start with just Rs 1000​

Whether you got a bonus, wish to add a lumpsum to your existing investments or you want to set aside an SIP for investing regularly, you can get started with as low as Rs 1000. Any day is a good day to start investing, as we personalize your portfolio as per your risk appetite and your goals to give you instant investment advice.​

Maximise Returns

We understand that it’s hard to find time and to research thousands of stocks and securities while you are busy earning your livelihood. Moreover, there is a lot of noise that persists which makes it hard to distinguish between the right information and the wrong one. That is why we take care of the equity research part that brings you consistent returns. Additionally, we also monitor your advised portfolio and appropriately rebalance it when the market changes.​

Stay Invested ​

Our investment recommendations let you stay invested in the market for a longer duration – without having to worry about the market volatility. Regardless of when you raise an investment advice request, we typically recommend to stay invested for 3-5 years. This makes investing a stress-free journey for you. ​

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Savart is India’s largest Investment Advisor based on number of unique portfolios under advisory.