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Smart investors are goal-oriented and take a long-term approach to building wealth. Savart brings the discipline of savvy investors, combined with the power of AI to deliver a high-performance investment experience for you.​

Global Portfolio

Whether it is a thriving pharma company in Toronto, an electric powerhouse in New York, or a tech startup in Bangalore–nothing misses our radar!

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Prefer ESG, Sharia or Jain investments? Dream to own a home, car or take a world tour? What’s important to you drives our advice.

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Savart is an end-to-end Investment solution. From goal-setting to investment advice, and from trade execution to portfolio tracking, we offer it all.

AI and Expert Insights

Our research combines machine learning with human analysis to cover 42,000 securities globally.

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Savart marries cutting-edge AI technology with human ingenuity
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Savart different?

    Our advisory services are unlike most other ‘newsletter’ platforms that send bulk communications for investment to all subscribers. Savart’ advice is customized and built based on your risk profile, goals and aspirations. We understand ‘you’ and then recommend what is best for your wealth. Our advice is driven by APART, our Artificial Intelligence driven investment research automation system. APART is the most advanced system of its kind in the world. 

    How much return will I get through Savart?

    Savart’s performance target is to achieve a 30% CAGR (average portfolio return) for 30 years and do even better beyond that. Maintaining this consistency especially during market downturns and controlling risk are important for us. It must be understood that is our target, not a guarantee. 

    Does Savart monitor my portfolio every day?

    We monitor our investee assets on a real-time basis. We also understand that it is difficult to remain emotionally detached while tracking the investment daily, we’ve got you covered from the hassle of tracking market every single day. Linking your demat/trading account with the Savart web or mobile application makes it possible for APART to track portfolio and recommend the necessary action. 

    What is the minimum investment amount?

    The minimum investment supported by Savart is INR 1,000. We understand that beautiful things start small! 

    What is EFG Analysis?

    The EFG (Emotional, Financial & General) analysis is a proprietary psychometric assessment built by Savart to understand your goals and risk preferences. The personal profile, investment profile & goals section within the Savart web & mobile application together comprise the EFG Analysis. Savart also asks you questions infrequently during your engagement with our application to remain updated about your choices and configure your portfolio accordingly. This real-time configuration is handled by a sub-system of EFG termed the Continuous Evaluation, which is critical to achieve high customization with your portfolios. So, does this mean that I always get a customized portfolio? While the EFG initially builds semi-custom portfolios for you. Over time, as our understanding of your preferences grows, the portfolios and advice get highly customized. There are overlaps of investee assets between portfolios – sometimes to a large extent and sometimes no correlation at all. This is not a simple Boolean decision but a complex framework involving multiple decision factors. Interesting fact: Today, Savart maintains over 10,000+ portfolios simultaneously in real time and APART can accommodate over 1,000,000,000 such unique portfolios which evidences its computational prowess.

    How can I understand the reason/rationale for investment recommended by Savart?

    We are proud of APART and our terrific performance record, but this does not mean you should trust our advice blindly.  We have thus created the ‘research notes’ to help you understand the rationale of our investment and highlights of the investee asset. Research notes accompany our every advice, not just during entry but also during exit.  In your interest, research notes are kept short, simple and any jargon-free. If you are interested to understand more about any of our investments, our support section is always open, and we love discussing research stuff.