“We envision a world with equal opportunities for everyone to create wealth and live with joy.” 

Sankarsh Chanda Founder and CEO


Savart builds technologies that help make long-term investments & create alpha. We eliminate the perplexing questions of “when, where, how much, and how to invest in the market?” for thousands of investors globally.  

“We believe that everyone deserves a financially secure future for themselves and their loved ones. Our wealth-building technology has been designed to do just that. With Savart, you can develop the financial strength needed to make your life’s dreams come true.   

We are changing the landscape of asset management globally by bringing AI-based investment research to the fore. Our recommendation engine is built around the investor’s persona/needs, and powered by an unrelenting pursuit of market out-performance.  

Our investment philosophy is to use technology to identify strong, ethical investments globally, whether it is in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs, and stay invested with them for the long term. Amid the rush for high-frequency trading and get-rich-quick schemes in the market, we remain patient and steadfast with our investors and investments.” 

Our Values

Prosperity with purpose

Our goal is to help people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. We are democratizing wealth creation with our research and technology.

Empathy with results

All our strategies and plans are built around an understanding of the global financial ecosystem and a deep appreciation of our clients’ needs and wants. Market out-performance and client success is at the heart of everything we do.

Trusting and trustworthy

We appreciate that our clients trust us with their life goals and financial positions. We are authentic and honest in our work, bringing respect for clients’ information and transparency in our daily dealing.

Innovation everyday 

We remain ever curious and open to ideas and adapt quickly, learning and un-learning as we go along. Innovation is not a department but the culture at Savart.

The Savart Purpose

Democratise wealth. Uplift humanity. Explore the universe.  

“Savart’s dream is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by leveraging capital markets as a tool to democratize wealth. We believe it is important that the world achieves financial equality. The fact that more than 80% of our clients are investing for the first time in the stock market and chose to do it with us, is a testament to our commitment to achieving this goal.”

Leadership Team


Sankarsh Chanda

Founder & CEO

Sankarsh founded Savart at the age of 19 and now heads the APART division and serves as the Chairman of Savart. He is also the co-founder of Stardour Aerospace, a space engineer company building India’s first private space shuttle.  

Aditya Ranade

Chief Investment Officer

He is a veteran in financial services with over a decade of experience spanning global banks such as Morgan Stanley, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Sridhar Vetapalem

Head of Personal Finance

He brings decades of experience with financial products and a discipline that ensures Savart remains on track to achieving its vision.

Krishna Karthik Bagalkote

Head of Product

Karthik is an accomplished Product Manager with over 13 years of versatile experience across various departments including HR, Operations, Training, and now focusing on Product Management. Known for his ability to wear multiple hats, prioritize effectively, and tackle challenges using data-driven insights, Karthik brings a wealth of strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to the table.

Ashwini Merani

Chief Operating Officer

Sales & Marketing professional with 30+ years of experience in Consumer Durables & DTH having worked with market leader brands like Onida, Whirlpool, Sun Direct & Godrej Appliances in various leadership positions and markets.

Kranthi Chaitanya Pulluru

Head of B2B & International expansion

Kranthi spearheads our efforts to identify and capitalize on new market opportunities, develop strategic partnerships, and drive revenue growth. His extensive experience in scaling businesses across diverse markets will be instrumental in propelling growth at Savart.

Suhruth Eedara

Head of Engineering

Suhruth has worked in the AI & ML domain for the last 3 years. He co-led APART with Sankarsh before taking over as the Head of Engineering and the responsibility to lead all tech initiatives at Savart.

Sonal Lodha

Head of Client Delight & Chief Culture Officer

Sonal is an astrophysicist with a passion for stars and an interest in stock markets. She ensures that the relationship with our clients is not just a transaction but a delight. As the Chief Culture Officer, she also ensures that Team Savart adheres to its founding values & principles in its day to day activities.

Chandrasekhar Chanda

Head of Quality & Process

He has over 30 years of experience in diverse industries and functions bringing valuable insights & wisdom to Team Savart.

Savart is India’s largest Investment Advisor based on number of unique portfolios under advisory.