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APART analyses millions of financial data points and parameters, including fundamental, technical, sentimental, and 120 global parameters, using artificial intelligence to give you world-class equity advisory services.
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APART Technology

Savart has pioneered the transition from the ‘Information Age’ to ‘APART: Advanced Process Automation & Research Technology’. Information is now a commodity, but insight is powerful. Savart has thus harnessed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop a unique system that helps make better investments globally. This has been termed the ‘APART’

APART automates not just advice but also research, making it unique among peers. A traditional robo-advisor automates the ‘advisory process’ using a set of rules fed by inputs directly or indirectly from a human analyst. On the contrary, APART controls the end-to-end process spanning:

Quantitative analysis (Quant)

The most popular form of fundamental research is to look at numerical data. Traditional analysts look at Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements to make decisions, which are often based on (biased) assumptions and estimates. This led to hedge funds building ‘innovative’ trading algorithms that analyse over millions of data points to make trading decisions. Savart has gone a step further and brought this technology for long term investments i.e., using billions of data points and not just back-test the strategies but build patterns and strategies from scratch using machine learning. While this does not sound like an enormous difference, the consequence is that the system generated strategy is far less biased and is thoroughly stress tested using not only historical data but monitored and tested in real time. Concisely, we input tonnes of raw data points and Quant outputs a shortlisted portfolios which is ready to be pushed through to Iris.

Qualitative research (Iris)

While Quant provides a mathematical & statistical edge to our research, Iris is focused on the subjective, intuitive, and abstract aspects of investments.

“Investing is an art first and a science next.” – Savart

Iris uses textual, visual, and graphical data to generate insights and open threads, aspects that are critical to the investment but often elusive to spot and blindsiding analysts. For example, say a multi-national IT firm has 308 subsidiaries and is suspected to have shell companies evading taxes. The probability of spotting it is difficult and time-intensive for a group of research analysts but a matter of few milliseconds for Iris. It is obvious that the subsidiary would not be tagged as a ‘shell company’ by the firm itself. So, the approach undertaken by Iris entails capturing subsidiary data, compliance of the local jurisdictions, company supplied and third-party sourced data to pinpoint the non-compliances and then make assessments on the matter. However, scope of Iris includes not just legal jargon but around 850 topics including ethics, corporate governance, brand, moat and innovation.

Risk Profiling, Portfolio tracking & rebalancing (Synapse)

While Quant and Iris analyse markets, Synapse focuses on understanding you. Savart employs Synapse for the following critical purposes:

  • Finding the right portfolio-investor fit is critical to investment success i.e., to discover the most suitable portfolio that reflects your needs. Consider a hypothetical Savart recommendation to invest in a commercial vehicle company that returned 5% CAGR for the first two years of holding and 25% CAGR for the next seven years; however, since your goal horizon was only 3 years, you were unable to capture most of the run-up. Hence, it is important not just to invest right but also to find the right fit.
  • While most other advisors focus solely on market research and ignore understanding you (the investor), Savart developed the Emotional Financial & General (EFG) Analysis as a part of the Synapse for this very reason. If we understand you, your goals, risk appetite, aspirations, comforts and needs well, we give your wealth a better chance to grow.
  • Synapse not only helps create the highly personalized portfolios (check below for portfolio count) but also ensures timely rebalance* and exits based on real-time data, change in investment thesis and consequences for the underlying asset.

What is the advantage of investing with us?

Your investments with Savart combine cutting-edge technology of APART with ancient wisdom of Patience, value, ethics and inclusive investing, thus increasing the probability of better returns.

Global investment

Research & advice that covers the world and not limited by the number of analysts working.

Alpha generation

The data we input and the insights we generate help you build that much needed out-performance.

Real-time monitoring

Humans sleep, computers don’t. Your portfolio is tracked in real time and necessary action are swiftly communicated so you can make money even while you sleep – literally!

Personalized portfolios

APART makes it possible to give a unique portfolio to you and each investor out there while keeping the subscription cost affordable.

APART In Numbers




Data point







data range

33 years







Unique portfolios



Data sources



Factor count



Run count







outperformance rate


Sample portfolio

performance (CAGR)


Alpha generated



Testing track-record


31 months

Data as on 1st October 2021

P.S. We have consciously avoided jargon and maintained brevity for easier understanding. Please let us know if you think we can make it even simpler.

* Portfolio/investment rebalance is a change in the asset allocation, or the securities driven by time, share price movement or an event, data.



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