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What is APART? How does APART work? How does Savart conduct research?

  • APART is the proprietary investment research automation system developed by Savart, that helps make consistent out-performing investments. APART utilizes Savart’s investment philosophy of investing in innovative, ethical businesses for the long term to identify suitable investments from a universe of 35,000 companies. While an average human research analyst can cover around 20-100 securities simultaneously, APART increase the scope to the entire universe of assets i.e. in other words, investments across any asset class in any economy in the world can soon be assessed and recommended to our investors.
  • Unlike traditional back-tested algorithms, APART is built with zero assumptions, thus eliminating human bias from the decision making process. With a head-start in terms of data and direction, the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning driven technology of APART power intelligent investment decisions.
  • While APART substitutes human bias with logic, we understand that intuition is a critical part of investment decision making. Thus, APART is not just a number-crunching quant system but an intelligent assessor of quantitative, qualitative, and behavioural data. This means that not just the financials of an investment, but also the ‘feel’ of it is understood by the system. This makes APART one-of-its-kind and majorly responsible for the stellar performance generated for our investors.
  • APART also enables creation of customized, personalized portfolios for you based on your risk profile and goals. This luxury earlier reserved for High Net Worth individuals only, is now available for every investor, whether the investment is a thousand rupees or a million thanks to APART.
  • APART currently advises and tracks over 10,000 portfolios and is one of the most advanced investment advisory system in the world in terms of concurrent assessments, computations, coverage, and technology.
  • APART is set to take over 100% of our investment decisions by 2024, until when it would be under constant supervision of our experienced research analysts.
  • Click here to understand more about APART’s state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated capabilities.

How can I understand the reason/rationale for investment recommended by Savart?

We are proud of APART and our terrific performance record, but this does not mean you should trust our advice blindly. We have thus created the ‘research notes’ to help you understand the rationale of our investment and highlights of the investee asset. Research notes accompany our every advice, not just during entry but also during exit. In your interest, research notes are kept short, simple and any jargon-free. If you are interested to understand more about any of our investments, our support section is always open, and we love discussing research stuff.

Can I customize my advice with Savart?

  • APART enables us to empower every investor to customize investments as per their preferences and choices. The following aspects of your portfolio can be customized depending on your subscription plan:
    • Asset class – Shares (public & private), mutual funds, bonds, and gold
    • Theme & Values(Investment Filters)
    • Frequency
    • Investment quantum
    • Tax-saving
    • Geography
  • See this unique advice customization feature in action here.
  • In case you have queries with the advice received, please visit our support section to have a detailed discussion. We are happy to explain our thesis, elaborate on research and also make amends if necessary.
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