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Subscription & Billing

Is there any difference in the quality of services between our various pricing plans?  

We endeavour to keep our pricing affordable to all investors whether they are investing INR 1000 a month or a billion rupees with us. While pricing plans of Savart differ in features of convenience, the quality of advice remains the same. Each investor at Savart receives personalized portfolio, asset allocation based on goals and risk appetite.  

What is the refund policy of Savart? 

Payments made to our advisory plans, portfolio review and research request services are non-refundable.

Is the entire subscription process paperless? 

The entire experience with Savart is paperless (digital). This is why investors from over 30 countries & 22 Indian states are able to invest with us conveniently.

Why does Savart not have free services or trial periods? Can I get my portfolio reviewed for free?

  • Firstly, SEBI regulation does not allow trials, cash back or free service.
  • Secondly, since we are long term investors, you would not notice any significant change even if we offer a month long of trial period. We believe our client testimonials and performance record speak volumes about the value we add to our investors’ lives.
  • Finally, we need to pay our bills as well and facilitate our services to millions of other investors like you – so we need to be paid.
  • As with the other ‘unicorns’ servicing for free, they are either fooling themselves or their investors, violating regulations or plan to empty your wallets ‘tomorrow’ by offering freebies ‘today’. So, make your choices wisely.

Can I take a low-interest loan and invest it with Savart?

Investing with borrowed Money is risky. We do not recommend doing this.

What are the inclusions of our portfolio review services?

  • Our ‘portfolio review’ service includes the following:
  • Opinion and action associated with each investment reviewed. For example: Savart recommends exiting Eagle Global Corp. by selling 25% of the holding for every 10% fall in the share price.
  • Research rationale is shared along with each review through our unique ‘research note’ concept. Recommendation of ‘additional investment’ or ‘exit’ from companies that were initially suggested to stay on ‘hold’.

Can I get a monthly income from my investment?

We advise investments from a long-term perspective, with dividends and profits re-invested regularly to make the most of the compounding effect. money is risky. We do not recommend doing this. However, we frequently receive investment driven monthly income generation requests. This is suitable for investors with a sizeable corpus which can generate meaningful yet relatively small monthly dividend income. This is because the performance of these income generating assets is negatively affected due to dilution by continuous withdrawal. We can customize this but would recommend avoiding it unless direly needed.

What is the referral program of Savart?

You can refer Savart to your friends, family and earn! Please read our referral guidelines to start spreading the joy of investing with Savart.

What is the benefit of taking multi-year subscription?

  • You receive an immediate discount of 20% over a comparable yearly plan.
  • Our pricing is expected to increase over the next 3 to 5 years. So, a multi-year subscription locks in the price and protects you from escalation in subscription cost (i.e. you do not pay anything extra/higher subscription price.

Can I switch plans mid-subscription period?

You can switch to the international plan while your current advisory plan is active. The renewal dates for the Indian and international plans shall be one year (or 3/5 years if multi-year plan is chosen) from the respective dates of subscription.

How do I make the subscription payment to Savart?

We suggest making the payment through the Savart web & mobile application only. Please note that our team communicates only through the designated channels as mentioned in our applications. Do not make payments through any other platform or method other than the process shown below. Savart is not responsible for any losses or liability arising out of such action.

Is Savart subscription transferable?

Savart subscription is not transferable. In case of unfortunate events of permanent incapacity, accident or death, the subscription can be transferred to the legal heir. Please write to to understand the process in detail.

How do I trust Savart without a trial period or free portfolio review?

SEBI regulations disallow trial periods or free services. Moreover, since Savart advises on long term investments, we believe that it is difficult to understand the power of our recommendations within a short period. The testimonials of our clients, track record of our performance and the satisfaction of our stakeholders are a testament to the quality of our services.

I wish to invest less than INR 10,000 a year. Can I get a discount on the subscription fee?

Please reach out to the Savart team through the available contact channels to understand if you are eligible for our special discount program. Please note that this discount is at the discretion of Savart and subject to change and is an initiative to help everybody invest responsibly.

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