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Broking & Execution

Can Savart manage my account?

Savart cannot execute trades on your behalf in line with regulations outline by SEBI. The minimum amount of investment to avail managed services (Portfolio Management Services) is INR 50,00,000. There are several unethical entities and individuals who offer to manage your account below the allowed threshold with guaranteed profit. However, please note that this is illegal, and your capital might be at risk.

How frequently does Savart notify me?

We are always just a click away from you with chat, call, and email support. Our notification system Beige sends selective information that deserves your attention and action. Every minor fluctuation in the share price, sensational news and market volatility do not trigger notifications to you. An important factor towards achieving investment success is to tune out noise and remain calm. We help you do just that. You can remain rest assured that we are keeping a watch. We recommend downloading the Savart mobile app to remain updated on critical portfolio events through push notifications.

Can I make investments through Savart app or website?

Please view our quick guide to understand the Savart Investment System

What is the frequency of your advice?

Savart’s advisory services are unlike the newsletter style of publishing buy and sell recommendations blindly to hordes of subscribers. Our advice is personalized and tailored to match your requirements. This means that we advise at a frequency of your choice: One-time, Weekly, Monthly. You can request advice through our web or mobile application whenever you wish to invest or set an auto-advisory notification to receive advice at a pre-set day or date. This ensures that your advice quota is optimally utilized. We also initiate notifications on investment opportunities to ensure your portfolio is on the right track. We recommend checking your portfolio situation only once every 6 months and on instances where we send important action recommendations for investment opportunities, rebalance or exit. (We recommend downloading the Savart mobile app to receive push notifications in this regard). We also provide semi-annual analysis letter, which is sent to the inbox section in the Savart web/mobile application.

How to cancel my advice, portfolio review or research request?

Steps to cancel pending requests: Visit the ‘Advice’ section, Click ‘Pending’ option, Delete the request of your choice. Please note that one-time requests can be cancelled within 60 seconds of confirmation and recurring (weekly and monthly) requests cancellation only affects the next cycle i.e. next week (cycle) or next month (cycle) if placed within less than 24 hours of 12:01 AM of the selected day or date. If cancelled earlier, the advice is cancelled for the immediate cycle.

Why Savart is not a broker?

Savart wishes to promote investing with research instead of gambling by trading. In the current broking industry, money is made only by encouraging retail investors to trade with their hard earned income while delivery trades are free. Hence, we do not wish to promote investment on one side and then make money from trading on the other side.  We shall create a broking solution in the near future once we are able to envision a sustainable  structure where our motivations are aligned exactly with your well-being i.e. making money by helping you do the right thing. And when we do it, we’ll be the best in it too!

Does Savart monitor my portfolio every day?

We monitor our investee assets on a real-time basis. We also understand that it is difficult to remain emotionally detached while tracking the investment daily, we’ve got you covered from the hassle of tracking market every single day. Linking your demat/trading account with the Savart web or mobile application makes it possible for APART to track portfolio and recommend the necessary action.

Should I exit the recommended investment if the position has turned profitable or lost value?

Savart tracks your linked portfolio regularly and keeps you updated on any action required. We recommend that you do not make any exit prematurely. While even Savart can’t time exits to perfection i.e. the stock may go up or down even after we exit, we make decisions based on multiple decision factors. Unless you need the funds urgently, (emergency/contingency funds should not be invested in market in the first place) we recommend that you do not take any action until recommended by Savart. Note: Please download the Savart mobile app to receive important portfolio related push notifications.

Can you help me with setting up a demat account?

While Savart is not involved with the broking and transactional aspects of investing, we understand that you may be investing for the first time and may need help. Our team is happy to volunteer time to help you set up your first investment. However, we cannot ‘recommend’ any specific broker to you.

What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for advice requests, portfolio review & research requests?

  • Our Turn Around Time for advisory requests is 0.5 minutes.
  • Our Turn Around Time for portfolio review requests is 0.5 minutes per security/asset reviewed.
  • Our Turn Around Time for research report requests is 48 working hours
  • These extraordinarily quick TATs are made possible by our cutting-edge technology – APART


Can Savart help me understand how to use demat and terminology associate with it?

A demat account is a digital account where you can store your shares. Demat is a shortened form of ‘dematerialized,’ meaning the shares that were once sold in paper form are now dematerialized into a digital form and stored in this account. Demat accounts offer great security compared to owning physical shares, and it is for this reason that regulators across the world have asked issuers to move away from issuing physical shares and only offer digital shares that can be stored in a demat account. You can get a demat account from your stock broker. A stock broker is someone who will provide you a platform from where you can buy and sell shares. Some popular stock brokers in India are Zerodha, Upstox and Motilal Oswal. Once you create an account with your broker, you will automatically get a demat account with them where you can buy and sell shares from. Savart has partnered with some top stock brokers so that you can invest hassle free with your own broker through the Savart app itself. As a Savart subscriber you can link your demat-trading account to the Savart app itself so you can purchase and exit the advised investments directly through the Savart app/website. Simply click on link demat account option in the side menu and follow the subsequent steps to enjoy an integrated advisory-trade execution experience in the Savart application.


Can Savart manage my investments similar to a PMS (Portfolio Management Service)?

Yes, Savart can manage your investments starting with a minimum corpus of INR 50 Lakhs. It must be noted that this minimum threshold has been mandated by SEBI and not an internal policy of Savart, given that it is our constant endeavour to keep our services accessible and affordable to all.

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